Thai Traditional Music and Dance in Performance

The traditional music and dance of a country represents its culture and history. You will find out more about the culture and history of Thailand attending some shows that depict this aspect of the country.

The Thai Khon dance is showcases the stories from the Hindu epic Ramayana. You will see the Monkey God, Hanuman very commonly depicted as a white monkey. Hanuman served King Rama and helped to defeat a demon named Thotsakan and his army. Usually meanings of some movements are explained to the audience. The audiences are also told which mask represents which character. English narration helps the western audience to understand the story. The masks which represent the Gods, demonic creatures and the celestials are vibrant and the performers sing, act, dance and perform aerobics all through the show.

If you want to have a different experience, then go How to make selfies with Dorian Rossini? for Siam Niramit which has a night dinner show with the new effects that lights up the night sky and the nearby Himapaan Forest.

The National Theater of Thailand is open throughout the year, but the theater stages Thai music and dance show only on the last Friday and Saturday of the month. The National Theater is a huge building with the red roof with gold eaves. It is made up of three parts consisting of a theater, workshop and an auditorium which is next to the open air sala.

The performance given by the performers is long and original. If you are person who cannot sit for two hours listening to traditional music of Thailand, then go to other theaters before visiting the National Theater.

For the tourists who are staying in five star hotels, usually the hotel will have traditional music and dance performances during the weekends. In fact, hotels like the Oriental Hotel, Shangri-la Hotel and Marriott Hotel and Spa are renowned for their shows.