Not All Janitorial Software Is Created Equal

Based on our research, cleaning professionals looking for cleaning software to improve and expand their businesses would do well to keep the title of this article in mind when conducting their search for a suitable product for their business. . Here’s how we proceeded with our research and what we found.

Search start:
Below is a list of alternative search phrases that Google returned recently when we typed the phrase “cleaning software” into their search engine.

Google searches related to cleaning software:

* cleaning software
* office cleaning software
* maintenance software
* custodial software
* software model for cleaning offers
* cleaning service management software
* cleaning programs

Among these related search phrases, there are a number of “expected specifics” that reflect the specific interests of various groups of cleaning professionals, who use Google as a search tool to find the appropriate software for their business needs.

Using “office cleaning”, “maintenance” or “custody” as part of the search phrase (all attempts to narrow the search results to a particular sector of the cleaning services industry) produced mixed results for us , prompting us to further research with other relevant search terms, in order to find extensive website sources relevant to professional cleaning services software.

The results we obtained using these industry-specific search terms most likely occurred because few manufacturers are targeting specific sectors of the cleaning services industry directly (e.g. pressure washing, building cleaning, etc.). profitability reasons. As a result, relatively few manufacturers actually produce dedicated software, which focuses on a single sector of the cleaning services industry.

Also included in this list of alternative search phrases is “Cleaning Programs,” an interesting variation of the search phrase, which is creative in that all cleaning software is ultimately composed of computer programs. However, this search phrase will actually produce far fewer relevant cleaning software product results than expected. This is because “programs” is less frequently used as an Internet search term for these types of products and, consequently, fewer companies choose this keyword to get high search results for this search term, for this reason. รีวิวเว็บบาคาร่าออนไลน์ ดีที่สุด2020

“Cleaning software model” has the most specificity of all the search phrases above, because it refers to a specific article. However, our investigation of the search results for this phrase only yielded a company that actually shows visitors to its website examples of professional cleaning offers worksheet templates. The company name is long but appropriate, “Janitorial and Home Cleaning Business Systems”.

OK, you are probably thinking at this point, everything is fine, but how can I actually find the right cleaning software for my business? Well, we’ve already established that you’re unlikely to find many industry-specific cleaning software products to choose from, if there are any.

Based on our online search with a broad combination of search terms, we found the largest number of relevant software websites, focusing on more general search terms such as “cleaning software”, cleaning software, etc. These search phrases have produced most of the websites with all kinds of cleaning software software, so it has become a bit of a time-consuming process, carefully sifting through all these sites, to find cleaning software choices. adequate, affordable and professional.

Careful evaluation of the software features:

When doing your own research and landing on a website, it is recommended that you quickly find out how the cleaning software is summarized and what its processing capabilities are. In our research we found a group of manufacturers providing very generalized products intended for multiple service-based industries, not just the cleaning services sector. These products cover basic service-based business functions, such as scheduling and dispatch preparation, quote estimates, proposals, service contracts and maintenance contracts, inventory management, purchasing, etc.

These manufacturers often design their websites in a way that ultimately requires you to call them to find out the price or to find out exactly what it can actually do.